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Message Subject Why people aren't getting off their duffs and doing anything to oppose the evils within our government. In short.
Poster Handle ATTA
Post Content
many people throughout history didn't get off their duff to oppose the evil elite

govs have killed 250 million of their own citizens in the past 100 years

americans are no different, just the same pathetic sheep ruled by rule and farmed like animals like a battery/energy source till they are killed (cancer disease) or genocided
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 35576237


And to clarify, I am not advocating violence at all, nor am I saying the hippie non-violent way isn't the right way to go in some instances. Violence would probably be the worst idea. None of us have any kind of power through weaponry or technology to challenge even 1 well-equipped soldier. Anyone that resorts to violence these days can be easily defeated.

There are other ways to do things though.
Holding a sign and whining will do nothing.
Lying in the street will do nothing.
We (the US) are the glue holding this world together in some sort of order. To challenge that is to challenge every nation that benefits or is a hopeless slave to our country.

New methods are needed.
 Quoting: MagTog

Ya can't use violence bruvva.... It's what they want, it gives em an excuse.... You can use stern and non violent ways....

You can stand your ground, and get pounded... it takes more courage to lay face down and get pulverised than it does to fight them back.....

But what you speak of is something that can be coordinated on mass, to take em out..... like a massive storm to parliament house or something.... Well technically, lawfully, you can join arms, and use such force as is reasonable in the circumstances to walk right in and say politely.... GET THE FUCK OUT..... you could get away with it at law... because the non violent people, and perhaps even violent wars and battles create the laws, the defences we have even today....

We just know nothing, we know nothing, and how can we, our heads are full of their shit... we need to not buy into any of their shit.... thats the start....
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