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Message Subject Apollo 20: The Alien Female Corpse ( fact or fake ? )
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
If the alien is humanoid then there should be ways of preserving the body. If aliens are humanoid exactly what qualifies as alien?

My problem is, aliens who have the ability to travel to this planet must have such advanced technology that they would fear us as a normal person fears a gold fish. If aliens are able to keep themselves so well hidden from radio detection, then they deserve to be quietly harvesting human beings.

If there is technology to enable travel faster than the speed of light (required for travel from a planet of even the most "local" star) then they would have no trouble saying "we come in peace". We've been beaming radio waves out into space for any alien to have a pretty good idea of our history.

Why the f*** aliens would want to make contact with such a backward species as us anyway?

Why should we fear life forms that have evolved elsewhere that have been able to adapt and evolve past our feeble attempts at civilization be any threat - even if we could do anything about it.

Would any alien intelligent alien allow the sort of psychopaths to run our planet. Even Captain Kirk (always) interfered to correct evil-doings.

I'll stick with the concept of God as my belief in higher entities.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 47517949

You have not been into all of this stuff very long have you?
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