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If the "elite/Illuminati-types/TPTB" want FAST population reduction on this planet...

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/04/2013 01:57 PM
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If the "elite/Illuminati-types/TPTB" want FAST population reduction on this planet...
...then why not release all the free energy and anti-gravity technologies immediately?--How many people are going to leave this planet as soon as they get their hands on these technologies? Billions, I would estimate.

hmmm....makes me wonder if simply reducing the population through whatever means possible is NOT the real goal of their end game. I'll get right to my point---what these elites are after is human death ON THIS PLANET because death must be some sort of transaction that they and/or their 'masters' benefit from directly or indirectly. Now, if you follow my logic, it seems reasonable to consider the opinions/positions of people like John Lear who postulate that our 'souls/spirit energy' are being harvested.

Anyone else thought much about this?