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General Wesley Clark and UFOs

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 42579942
United Kingdom
07/04/2013 11:17 PM
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General Wesley Clark and UFOs
Q: Gen. Clark, when you were running for President, you said you thought mankind would one day fly faster than light and visit the stars. My question is, when you were in the military were you ever briefed on the subject of U.F.O.s?

At this point Clark looked down for a moment and shook his head, perhaps somewhat chagrined at being put on the spot or thinking how he should respond, but then looked at me and answered:

A: I heard a bit. In fact, I'm going to be in Roswell, New Mexico tonight.

Q: So you were briefed?

A: There are things going on. But we will have to work out our own mathematics.

[link to www.roswellproof.com]