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Message Subject multiple fourth of july UFO sightings.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Wichita Ks- My Friend and I were about to smoke a blunt in our backyard and enjoy the fireworks around 10:30PM, right when my friend sat down, he said something told him to look up immediately and when we did we saw a red triangle of more red than white light, rotating in a clockwise fashion above us, moving to the northwest. Estimated around 300-400mph? not too sure.. Then from our view point approximately 4-5 inches behind the red triangle were two white lights about as bright as the stars were, moving at the same speed as the red triangle, and maintaining perfect distance between the three ufos. These three ufos faded into the northwest until they were no longer in sight.

Then 10 minutes later the red triangle returned rotating slower, but still moving at the same speed and in the same direction only this time solo, without the other two ufos.

10 minutes later it came by even slower

10 minutes later we another star looking ufo moving across the sky more north than west, but still northwest bound. After watching it for around 10 seconds, it flashed (not like a camera flash, but steady illumination) brilliantly, around 5-10x brighter than it was originally. Just as quickly as it lit up it dimmed back down to normal illumination. Then faded into the north

10-15 minutes later we see another star lit ufo moving northwest at the same speed as the others were previously, then it fades away out of sight.

We saw the red triangle yet again only farther west on the horizon moving in the same direction at the same speed.

Then we saw a dark red ufo moving more west than north but still northwest. It was extremely low lit, almost to the point of being a shadow, but still red. It faded into the horizon as well

My friend said that he felt some kind of energy during these sightings, maybe just excitement, most likely, but it's still was an understatement of how awesome it was to actually witness these events.
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