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Message Subject multiple fourth of july UFO sightings.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
wichita ks- same guy but it's me the other posters friend. i just wanna say, im a fuck mothering Eagle Scout, and i had to do a lot to get that title. if you don't know what being one of these says about a person, get with the program. im not bullshitting anyone here, and i swear on my rank that what we described is complete truth. what we say is documented right there, plain as english can be. may or may not be aliens, but we definitley saw ufo's of some kind, but im really not aware of any current technology made fully public that can move in such a manner, let alone with the rotation the red triangle had. chinese lantern? bullshit, too fast, learn something about jet streams and how the atmosphere works near the ground, a chinese lanturn cannot fly by multiple times, with a slowing rotation, and come from the same direction every time. this was literally one of the most epic ufo sightings in my life. never have i seen so many.

tldr; im an eagle scout, i wouldn't fucking lie about this because it's too cool to be a lie. dont believe me, gtfo plz.
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