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Message Subject multiple fourth of july UFO sightings.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Sounds like we might have seen the same type of thing, whatever it was. The first group were in a perfect triangle shape and then all of a sudden the front one shot out way past the others and formed an isosceles triangle. Other groups were in pairs. I only saw one that was single. All together we saw around ten I think.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1509624

yeeeup. i love it. wish there was more activity right now here though, im fucking amped on the energy from this phenomena.

um, what are your thoughts on this?

mine, when we saw the red triangle for the second time, i had the idea maybe they're hitting the earth with a form of energy, soooo imma go to suspicious0bservers.com or .org idk, and see the magnetosphere data and get back with that. but when we saw the white star lit ufo, and it flashed, thats when i like KNEW it was some kind of energy. something. idk.

 Quoting: Theeohn

Not sure about any of this. All I know is what we saw. They were not just meandering about but seemed to have some sense of direction and/or purpose. The blinking on and off at regular intervals was like a switch, not some flickering flame of a candle which is more random and irregular. When they turned off, the black spheres continued to move like they were in control of their flight pattern.
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