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Message Subject The Shadow People - Video....creepy
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
When i was 7 or 8 i had this crazy thing happen i am now 50 .. now i aint told anyone about this before but here goes..

It was bedtime i went up to bed about 7 or 8pm (always went to bed bout then) i lied down after bout 30 mins or so i saw this large figure ,very large and dark furred . I just stayed there with my eyes shut and a tiny gap to see out of trying to persuade myself i was asleep but knew i wasn't i shoved my head under the blankets and the thing sat on the bed i felt the bed go down with its weight ... then nothing .

The next thing i knew i was awake and it was morning ,but since then i have always slept with my head under the blankets and have this fear of the dark i just can't understand why , i am an adrenalin freak i surf ,used to ride my motorbike over track and lived life to the full but still afraid of the dark ...weird , now take the piss i don't care .........chorus
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