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Message Subject The Shadow People - Video....creepy
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thanks OP, new stuff i hadn't heard before on the Djinn.

I can never stop listening to new info on this stuff either, cos i've been cursed with it my whole life, i have to make sure there is nothing to trip or damage myself on in my bedroom, and i put cupboards under windows and stuff, i have to warn women of the Night terrors and sleep rape that may occur when i start dating them, i have to school them on what to do when it happens, cos if someone is unprepared things could get really dangerous, i scare me. The sleep rape has only happened with 3 women, and luckily they all liked it, yeah it was cary they say.....but......then the smile cracks on their face as they recall, it's not like its happened just once to each of those women totalling 3 times its happened in my life, it's happened roughly about 3 times to each of the 3 (approx), sometimes i remember nothing, sometimes i remember when they remind me with a grin in the morning, to which i reply "whats up?" and they reply "what? you mean you don't remember?", then they start to tell me, and it slowly starts to come back to my memory like it was distant dream hard to remember, and i'm like "oh yeah, i can vaguely remember", then sometimes i can become fully conscious in the middle of the act, at which point i often think what the hell am i doing, roll off and go back to sleep, (this annoys them often), this is what happened the very first time it happened, and as i came round, who i thought i was doing wasn't, it was first wife, i came round and was doing someone else, then her face morphed right before me, to the reality?, it shocked THE HELL out of me, to just have someone morph like that, needless to say i didn't finish, just rolled over and went to sleep again slightly disturbed by it.

And then there's the terrors, i won't bore you with, but my warning instruction to people beforehand is, get the light on ASAP, dont argue with me, dont try talking me down, just get the fucking light on and keep back, cos that is the only thing that works it seems, in the instances i can remember, what ever i'm seeing in front of me (one time was a web full of spiders over me) dissolves with the light, the hallucination fades, like the dream world is in my visual cortex, projected onto reality.....scary and dangerous.

I've only physically attacked once, with my first wife, kicked her clean out of bed, i remember coming round as she hit the floor with a thud, literally fighting an urge inside to attack her further.

Sorry to bore you with this so far, i'll leave you with recounting just my very first remembered experience, it still sends shivers down my spine today.

I was 5-6 years old, i awoke and sat bolt upright in bed, staring at my open bedroom door (the light outside my room was on), but didn't know why, i called out "who's there?", i knew someone was there but didn't know why, i got out of bed real quiet, and made my toward the doorway, i stopped there, (i previously had a nightmare about a two headed dog that guarded this doorway, probably thanks to jason and the argonauts), anyway, i was froze at my doorway looking at the airing cupbaord door (a small room with a boiler in it where towels and bedding were kept) the door was open a jar, about 3 inches, it was hurting my eyes straining to see it was so dark in there, but i thought i saw movement, i called out again "i know you're there, who is it?" by this point i am a nervous wreck virtually in tears, then the door just opened, about another 6 inches maybe, i could see nothing, the feeling of fear literally boiled in the pit of my stomach and i puked...HARD, and that's all i remember, i awoke in my bed in the morning as my foster brother was coming upstairs, he leaned into my room smiling and said "what's up couldn't ya get there quick enough?"....which puzzled me "what dya mean?"...."don't ya remember?"...."what?"....."i had to clean your puke up before going bed last night" and pointed to the damp patch on the carpet....right in the doorway!!!....... well that bought the whole memory of "the dream" flooding back to me.
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