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Message Subject The Shadow People - Video....creepy
Poster Handle BossPickupTrucks
Post Content
A couple of years ago, I lived just off an urban area known for deviance. My room was on the 3rd floor fitted out attic space of an old house. One night, I was trying to go to sleep watching youtube or a movie and then I felt something larger than a human touching me as I lay on my stomach. It was creepy playful and was pressing down on me. I was actually able with all my might push it away. It took about 2 seconds before it was back on me pressing and fondling. I could not see it. I was yelling at it. It eventually went away.

It happened two nights in a row.

After that I became hyper sensitive to all kinds of seemingly innocuous happenings in close proximity

Many years ago I had a voldemort like figure at my bedroom door just looking at me inquisitively blinking its large red eyes and rotating its head. All of a sudden it opened its mouth with pointy teeth and tried to suck my tilted and floating body into itself
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