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An exploration of conspiracy theory.

Anonymous Coward
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United States
07/05/2013 03:56 AM
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An exploration of conspiracy theory.
Here is a question I would like to propose to the group:

If we, as fringe conspiracy theorists, can be so sure about a particular upcoming agenda or event --- would it not be concluded that conspirators of such an event would be better at keeping it a secret. When I see threads in this forum like "July 8th look for operation blackjack to commence" I can't help but think that it can't be that easy. Suppose some global orchestrated event happened and then you could just look back in the archives of GLP to find some preemptive posting about the event. Doesn't this seem strange to anyone? I guess the question I'm really asking is how are we so sure that we can predict what could be something so earth shattering as a second 9/11 or fake alien landing. I just don't think it could be that easy.


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