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Message Subject Tattoo and shading - how long?
Poster Handle Dace
Post Content
I'm a Tat artist......
What it looks like now.....will be what it looks like later..
VERY light colors CAN fade.....like white....it doesn't stay in for shit....skin always pushes it out...
But if you're talking light black or greywash shading....
The only 'fading' will be the slight dulling of colors as it heals and you look at it through a new layer of skin...
Sorry...but dark color shading doesn't fade out.
 Quoting: Dace

Its not dark shading, more like gray/light tones. Thanks.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3558872

Then it depends on three factors.......the brand/quality of the ink.......how well the aftercare/healing process goes....and the person tattooed.(I've done 1000+ tattoos and everyone is SO different in healing and color-retention, I can't even begin to categorize.)
..Just have to wait until it heals....then if anything is too dark.....see my above post about a dry-needle run.
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