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Message Subject Tattoo and shading - how long?
Poster Handle Dace
Post Content
If some of the dark black/greywash shading is TOO dark in the finished tattoo.......
One option is to go to a different artist who knows what he's doing.....and have him go over the too-dark areas with nothing more than a dry needle...No-Ink or water..
If done correctly (and slowly)...the bare needle can actually break the skin and 'pull out' some of the extra ink......lightening it up wherever needed.
 Quoting: Dace

Thanks. I have no doubts on the artist, I have had work done by him before, took a year to get an appointment, and he did some bad ass art. I know my friends upper back is swollen (puffy) which is normal. I think it looks great and like their mom, but I don't know, they say it doesn't. Have you ever come across this "syndrome", wherein you basically put the pic next to the tat and they are the same, others say its the same, but the person who got it doesn't think so? Strange...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3558872

Yeah....I get that from time to time......
..But I also have OCD....I was the kid that if you drew outside the lines on ONE picture in my coloring book, I would throw that bitch out!........I want to bitchslap those people, but, oh, well.....it's money.....smile and nod....smile and nod.
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