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Aliens Are here & We Surrendered Or The Powerful Elites Have Taken Full Control


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United States
07/05/2013 09:29 PM

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Aliens Are here & We Surrendered Or The Powerful Elites Have Taken Full Control
Why do I say this, simple answer. Past twenty-five to thirty years the radio talking heads, right, left, middle of the road, politicians, Tea Party, newspapers, CNN, Fox News, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, radio ham operator, internet blogs, social website, occupy wall street, and so many others and the average joe had been voicing their song and dance about big government. However, so many of our rights have been taken away or put on hold, until we are two third the way back to the pre-constitution signing date.

We were so busy worried about big government that we forgot all about big corporations. Any social site, web blog, or mobile we are using can recognize a paragraph which we are in the process of writing and tell us that we can't submit it because another similar subject has already been posted. Now mind you, all this information is being save in their main frames, whether you completed the paragraphic or not.

Yet, if we post our context, and even if it's clean and from a reputable source, but seem to shine light on people who are powerfully connected, as to things they have done openly and in public; your post will be move off the front pages in minutes or not approved for posting, depending on which blogs you are posting to.

If Aliens are here and have really subverted us, then never mind about anything that I said above; because we are so screwed...lol

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God's Word is personified throughout nature, therefore, the word is of all forms, then it becomes one, and the word is not written by the hands of men, or is it spoken by men. Knowing God's word, it's to have "Right Knowledge." Look into your face, look into the face of another, look up on the heavens, breath in the air, smell the forest, the green grass fields, see the mountains, the moving sand dunes, walk on the ocean, and then hear and see all forms of life everywhere about you. Now, you know the word of God.

Men are forever seeking their truths..however, God has hidden nothing!
Suited up and Armored in Christ!

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United States
07/05/2013 09:40 PM

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Re: Aliens Are here & We Surrendered Or The Powerful Elites Have Taken Full Control
They are Demons from the Abyss...

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.....Matthew 6:21