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?Aliens on Aliens?

{:The OTHER Guys:}
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07/06/2013 03:39 PM
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?Aliens on Aliens?
YES, failure to ascend is a crime, prventing new souls from ascending in any part, IS a crime against ALL of Creation. This includes we all. Souls older by farthan any thee have ever met.
INRE To Nancy and Zetas.
She IS blameless( And was once the proud parent of Arthurs incarnation as her Daughter:}}}}} but she is being led astray by aliens who no longer care what happens to them. They all KNOW they missed the ascension train long ago and most would like nothing better than to have their own souls absorbed by the source rather than continue to dwell neither alive truly or deady completly.
ALL the life forms in 3D space are under constatnt review. TIME to us not same as time to U all.
INRE Obama/Hancock, what he has been sewing for lifetimes is soon to reap in FULL...Sucker:}}}}}
ALL souls who originate in 3D space are to be treated as equals at ALL times not just when convenient for aliens who NEED star ships. Dear ones U never needed ships just life force added to thy souls that is thy Dilithium Crystal:}
Here endeth...U are LOVED