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Message Subject Hardworking dad faces deportation for smoking pot, 17 YEARS AGO
Poster Handle Captain Spaulding
Post Content
I had to move to So Wisconsin for awhile a few years ago. I tried to get a drivers license all legal like. The TWO people I dealt with wouldn't let me have one without my original birth certificate. I was adopted and all I have is an old beat up photo copy. Then, I had to have proof of my address. My family's owned land there since 1939 in a very rural area. Mail doesn't get delivered there, you have to drive miles into town to a PO Box so that was out of the question.

BOTH of the people at the motor vehicle office could barely speak English. They sounded middle eastern or something indiscernible.

Imagine that. MY family owned land there for over 70 years and a couple of people from other countries who can't even speak our language deny me a drivers license. I blew it off and sold the property and moved anyway.

GREAT folks there though. Whenever someone gets sick, injured or a house burns the whole town pulls together to help like I've never seen before. Food, clothes, benefits at restaurants and parks, donating time and equipment to help rebuild or renovate houses for someone who's handicapped.

You can't buy alcohol to take home after 9 pm unless you pay 4x the price for carry-out at a saloon. So you're forced to go out to a bar and drink if you don;t have a stash. Kind of weird. Where I was everyone, I mean everyone drinks from breakfast through the day and they call you a "doper" if you don;t drink but smoke weed.
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