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Message Subject The SODOMITE GATEWAY: The Elites Best kept secret - Ritual Sodomy / Is the Illuminati nothing but an ancient FERTILITY CULT which uses SODOMY?
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
The question is if these numbers do have power for themselves?
Or is it just a bunch of guys making a meaning out of it?

Same goes for the IHS .. if you want to see shit in it you will get shit out of it..
..do you know the guy danny wilten who linked it to the orion nebula?

well, everything is linked to everything.. so you can see everything everywhere.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42050043

IHS = SHI plus the cross on top forms the T.
It also has connections to Sun worship.
Note the sun with the dark centre looks very much like the anus.
Danny Wilten has made other connections too. This just goes to show how deep this language really is. ITs a Quantum Meta PHysical language. So if you focus only on one aspect, you are missing out on the rest.
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