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Message Subject The SODOMITE GATEWAY: The Elites Best kept secret - Ritual Sodomy / Is the Illuminati nothing but an ancient FERTILITY CULT which uses SODOMY?
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
If you wanna take it up the arse abhie and deludedly think it's enlightenment, then I feel sorry for you and I will pray for you because I think your intentions were genuine but you don't understand that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

yeah you have to die to the world, die to self, but you still have far too much self.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42963918

What exactly is 'enlightenment' according to you?
Right now in Australia Muslims are trying to gain a foothold.
In America Gun control seeks to make a populace helpless.
Some of this stuff you find hard to digest because it is not in a language that you are accustomed to.
So it needs understanding.
It is enlightenment.
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