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Message Subject The SODOMITE GATEWAY: The Elites Best kept secret - Ritual Sodomy / Is the Illuminati nothing but an ancient FERTILITY CULT which uses SODOMY?
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content

Seriously......WTF are you talking about? Are you even focussed?
The Australian was asking about sodomy and I was replying to that. Who mentioned child sodomy? We didnt. You did.

And as for sodomy how many people watch anal sex porn? Plenty!
Stop jumping on straws and accuse people, okay?
Please, that is not the object of the thread.Nor do I want to go there.
 Quoting: abhie

Oh? is this that newage 'there is no good/bad, no right/wrong bullshit. Why don't you want to go there?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42963918

Look, if I told you that sodomy is natural part of the spectrum of life, the Christians will be all over me. If I told you its evil, naturalists will claim that its not evil.
Iwalk the middle way. Its a part of life,natural, & that can be used for evil.
 Quoting: abhie

I AM sorry to say this, but are you stupid or just a sodomizer? It is NOT part of life and has NOTHING to do with god, nor being natural. Those who walk the middle path when it comes to abuse of children will have a nice treat for them when they die and in the next life.
 Quoting: Gnostic Warrior

Listen buddy, the Australian was asking about sodomy, not child sodomy so stop being a jerk. Are you even focused?
Imdissapointed, I thought you were someone who had a head despite your illuminati avatar.
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