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Message Subject The SODOMITE GATEWAY: The Elites Best kept secret - Ritual Sodomy / Is the Illuminati nothing but an ancient FERTILITY CULT which uses SODOMY?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You're the one talking shit, bro - most likely in an effort to justify your own stance and most likely practices. The prostate was not made for sexual sensation - and this you will no doub find out one day, for yourself.

And just so we all know what page we are on in our own history, the gays and homosexuals were the leading forces in society on Atlantis, where Sodom and Gamorrah were enclaves. Thereafter, of course, Atlantis was destroyed in one huge cataclysm. I see the same cycles repeating right here in America - which is the 3rd great landmass on the earth where 'civilized' humans reside. The first was Lemuria, which sank beneath the waves; the 2nd was Atlantis, destroyed by fire and a great flood (the flood of Noah); now our time is coming up.

This is a true time to pray and prepare oneself for the oncoming cataclysm; sure, its a few years off in the future ... but then, we never can tell the workings of God!
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