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Message Subject The SODOMITE GATEWAY: The Elites Best kept secret - Ritual Sodomy / Is the Illuminati nothing but an ancient FERTILITY CULT which uses SODOMY?
Poster Handle Gnostic Warrior
Post Content
Amazing thread! I like it! What about strap on sex woman to man? We have played with this @ home- 25 yr married couple.
Doesnt seem to hurt my chakra or my ass. is it wrong?
Also what aboutanal masterbation where no seed is spilled? I dont think any demons have been released as we are a very normal loving couple outside the bedroom.
Maybe I can get hetro strap on not gay special marriage rights.....
 Quoting: Ben Dover 43053990

Check this interview with Marion Knox:
[link to www.whale.to]


E: Marion, where I want to start is with your statement that the presence of Elohim spirits usually indicate Freemasonic programming that is installed by sodomy. Does that ring a bell?

M: Yes, it does, and I would like to broaden that a little bit. Ron Patton once did an article on Monarch programming. Based on what you might call research or what I have discovered in maybe 500 people over a period of ten years -- I’m just guessing because I don’t keep records -- this is my impression: the most vulnerable age for preparing a person for mind control is between two and four years of age because of the development of the child’s mind at that age. Traumatic things can damage them worse than if they were younger or older. Also, in order to be programmable there needs to be a change in the way their mind works between two and four. That change can only be achieved by sodomy.
 Quoting: abhie

I read most of the interview.

The person who gave the inverview might believe it. The Illuminati might believe it. And I have no doubt they do it to children.


It is not "demonic".
 Quoting: TruthMinion

For the last time:
Sodomy , Homosexuality are a natural part of life. Its natural as they come. Nothing wrong with it, so long as its between adults, and in a nice, positive attitude.

Anything in life can be used in a negative occult manner. Its the way you approach it that matters. Like I said before , you can kill with a spoon, doesn't mean all spoons are evil weapons.

Same thing. Use common sense. Don't let the religitards dumb you down. And also take responsibility. Do not use sex in a violent or abusive manner. Ignore the dark black and white lines. They are fake. Focus on the subtle gray areas. Most of the answers are there.

(Anybody comes round and quotes this to call me a sodomizer is going to get permanently banned from all my threads. )
 Quoting: abhie

No, it is NOT natural for most humans and if it was, we would have children out of mens butts. A a spiritual person who loves his fellow humans and is normal in the brain or DNA will be straight as God had intended us to be. It wasn't Adam and Adam or Eve and Eve in the Garden and if so, we wouldn't be having this conversation today.

Just because I do not agree with you, does not mean I AM a religitard. You are just one of those middle of the road people who take the middle path, gray area of reason and living which me and the Saints call lukewarm and in more modern term, soul sell outs. The same souls god spits out of his mouth, but in your mind it is all BS what God says and you believe lil demons called Legion are installed in the butt of children by Masons which I simply do not believe.

You say use common sense, but I do not see much of that on this thread. You only references to anonymous blogs by alleged abused people with no real facts, police reports or evidence to back up your claims or their claims.

Am I saying this does not happen? NO! Of course it does. But I do not believe it is a Masonic ran world wide conspiracy to install demons in peoples butts.
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