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Subject Roswell was staged...by the aliens.
Poster Handle Kai D Kravit (VALIS)
Post Content

It was 1947. The United States had just won the 2nd world war and was, for all intents and purposes, 50 years ahead of every other country (economically, philosophically, scientifically, etc.). It was the beginning of the Cold War and the whole world had just witnessed the devastating power of atomic weapons. The east and west were on the edge of their nuclear seats and the one thing this country could not accept was military incompetence on the part of the Air Force.

Now consider:

Up to this point, aside from some minor and inconsequential (not to say likely spurious) events, a UFO had never crashed in modern history. So all of a sudden, after thousands of years of going about to and fro, a flying saucer crashes in New Mexico. Also consider the PLACE this happened: 10 miles from Roswell Army Air Field; all of our nuclear weapons were here with the 509th bomber squadron, waiting for the signal in case of attack by the Soviet Union, within 200 miles of White Sands where ALL nuclear weapons testing was taking place. AND again, right at the beginning of the Cold War. Do these circumstances not scream something a little more than coincidence?

Would it have been wise for extraterrestrial biological entities to simply land and say, "Hi guys! We've been watching you for some time. Our technology is quite literally light years beyond anything you've developed!" They'd have to know they'd never get an honest reaction from us. But what if they could crash an object right near our most heavily guarded and important facilities...in the country that had just attained almost full control of the entire planet...right at the beginning of the scariest time in history...and give us some bodies. They'd get to see how we reacted without knowing we were being watched. We'd show our true colors. So we kept it under wraps. The one thing the military could not admit was that the Air Force could not do their single most important job: protecting our most secure air space and our last line of defense. Maybe we failed a test?
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