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Message Subject Roswell was staged...by the aliens.
Poster Handle Kai D Kravit (VALIS)
Post Content
"The Grays are very active in human abductions, genetic experiments, monitoring humans through implants, mind control/programming, cloning and creation of hybrid humans."

Read more here:

[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42962024

Every account of a "grey" abduction I have read includes several factors.

- Abductees (including Betty and Barney Hill, presumably the first) usually do not have conscious recall. When they do, however, they describe aliens that are "confused" by their fear. In fact many abductees discuss the "greys" asking questions like, "Why are you afraid? You should be proud." They appear confused by our overt emotional reactions.

- Abductees report having a total lack of pain during these "procedures." Instead they feel abnormal amounts of "pressure" where pain should be relevant.

- Abductees also claim quite often that when they ask for things or to observe various parts of the craft they occupy, the beings often respond positively. Several civilians and military personnel have respectively related stories such as these.

So it seems that although alien abduction is, in fact, quite terrifying for humans, the aliens themselves seem to quell this fear purposefully and always return their "guests." I have also never heard of "mind control" associations other than from government personnel, who quite obviously are the ones not to be believed. They lie about everything else. Why not aliens too?
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