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Message Subject LOL - Why is is so DIFFICULT to talk to RELIGITARDS about my beliefs and how 99% of religions are FALSE and the KORAN / BIBLE was written by man?
Poster Handle Wylfdane
Post Content
What if I told you I could prove that the Bible is divinely inspired?

This can be done with the book of Jonah. One of the shortest and most ridiculous sounding stories in the Bible. If interpreted correctly, this book will actually validate the authenticity of the inspired word.

Many scholars will agree that there is evidence for the existance of the old testament prophets, except for Jonah. Unlike the other books of its time, there is no genealogy here. Not even the king of Nineveh is mentioned by name.

That is because the entire story is a parable. We are well aware of how often Jesus used parables to teach his disciples, and it can be said that the same concept was used here. Its all a parable for the gospels, some 450 years before the birth of Christ.

The name Jonah means "dove," and he is supposed to be the metaphorical Jesus. The angry ocean waves represent the pharisees, who were demanding the Christ's crucifixion. The assyrian sailors represent Pilate and the romans who were caught in the middle of these events. The three days Jonah spent in the belly of the whale represents the three days Jesus spent in the grave. The whale spitting him out represents the resurection.

The people of Nineveh who are spared God's wrath, because they believed Jonah, represent humanity as a whole. You dont have to be a jew anymore to be saved, you just need to follow Christ. Jonah's anger at the people being spared, represents the anger and jealousy the jews had for the early christians.

So you see, the real miracle isnt that Jonah survived the whale, its that this story survived the centuries without most people even understanding it correctly. The real miracle is in the story itself. If ever there was evidence of a book being divinely inspired, this would be it.
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