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Message Subject LOL - Why is is so DIFFICULT to talk to RELIGITARDS about my beliefs and how 99% of religions are FALSE and the KORAN / BIBLE was written by man?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Because Christians know that currently you are part of the antichrist as are all who deny Christ Antichrists are pawns of Satan and can never be trusted

Hope you repent before death. If not watch this for a sneak preview of what you will experience from a Marine that knows!

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 42967642

Christianity along with most religions are all run and owned BY the luciferians..the NWO..and here is PROOF..its in the "Fruits"..as it were..

1) They are ALL convinced THEY are right and all the others are wrong.

2)They are all certain..and voice this much and as often as thay can..that the ones who are "Wrong" will be tortured forever by whatever brand of bi polar sadistic god they worship.

3)They all use fear and terror to control their members
EG:-"Do as this law/teaching/guru/pastor/book/priest/sermon ect suggests or you will be cursed/burned alive forever/smitten/come under demonic attack/end up possessed/ ect.

4)They are all about CONTROL..control of your money..of your mind..of your actions/words/life and they all impose guilt and fear as "punishment" if you dont tow the line.

5)They are all about money..it always comes down to CASH..and if you dont hand it over they label you a "God robber"..you are robbing God..and hus come under the punishments/threats made in point 3.

6)They all use "LOVE" as the bait to get you in..mixed with "Fear" of some sort of terrible DOOM if you dont join them. Thenonce they have you the LOVE stops..and the DOOM increses..till you are left a mindless fear controlled zombie..arrogant and proud and self righteous..who then being fully "Indoctrinated" after a time...then beleive point 1 completely..and proceed to inflict steps 2 to 5 on other prospective victims.

Any religion or creed thast uses these techniques are opertaing under the precepts of what you would term "Darkness"..or "Evil" because evil, by its very nature, runs and feeds and grows stronger on fear and control.

The PTB use these same techniques.

Fear of terroists..the feeling of being "Special" and of the "Elite" if you tow the line..protected by their umbrella of "Control" of almost every aspect of your lves.

Thats because the PTB as you all know by now are all "Luciferian" in nature and practice...and use fear..control..cashflow(So long as its flowing THIER way)..and terrible consequesnces if you dont "Measure up" to their parameters.

So..if the PTB use these same techniques...and you all foster a rather healthy dislike for the way they "Control" things..then why do so many who voice such an opinion of them..end up following the SAME system under the guise of "Religion" which as you can clearly see are all based and run on the percepts of "Evil"?

Lets say for example a person really WANTS to do evil..they lust and fight and hate..they have an evil evil heart..they are greedy..want everything their way..want everything to be all cushy and nice while they do what they WANT to do without concequence.

But then they are told if they do this..some horrible fate will befall them..either outright death or eternal torture in the next life..and curses and trouble in THIS life..

Now..that rocks their boat..they want their cake..and want to eat it. But now the fear factore is brought into it..as they are told if they keep being an evil greedy cunt thay will siffer.

So off they go..looking for an "OUT"..a way to KEEP being selfish and greeedy but never having to face the consequences of it.

So they find a "religion"..out of FEAR of what will happen to them if they dont.

They are still evil on the inside..nothing has changed..but now they think "If I read the bible enough..quote enough scriptures..pray enough and go to church enough..perhaps I can still be a smug self rightous shit..but get to heaven and save my ass."

So its still a SELFISH thing they do..they are still evil..except they have excused their selfishness and evil by being taught the ever popular saying "We are not perfect..just forgiven"

BUT..a GOOD person NEEDS no fear or manipulation to be good to their neighbour and not be a selfish greedy cunt. They dont have to be FORCED into doing what they dont want to do like the evil man has to be. They love people by nature..and do good because good IS already in them.

They dont need the luciferian fear and guilt...as that sort of thing ONLY seems to work on people who WANT to be evil..but without the price that comes with it..death or eternal torture..as they are "Told"
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 16646815
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