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2 crashes at Roswell?

Kai D Kravit (VALIS)
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07/07/2013 01:45 PM
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2 crashes at Roswell?
Recently there have been some claims made that there were in fact 2 separate crashes at Roswell. The first (originally investigated) crash is the historically famous debris field. This was a wide area near the Ungar Ranch in Chaves County which contained fragments of debris blown apart over the area. This is what Intelligence Officer Jesse Marcel was led to. The second crash (more recently referred to) occurred some 200 miles away on the plains of San Augustin. This site is where Barney Barnett claimed to have found a full crashed saucer, which was later happened upon by a group of geology students and their professor coming from Bat Cave. Is it not more likely that these are both products of one crash? Perhaps the craft experienced a mechanical failure over the ranch (something blew up and rained the fragments of debris) and then the actual saucer came down farther along on the plains? Two saucers crashing so close together or colliding, as some have speculated, seems a little too far of a reach.

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Kai D Kravit (VALIS)