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Subject Sandy Hook. Really bad article. They should consider editing it to cover their a**
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

The inconsistencies are really bad. I understand this is suppose to be the daughters pilgrimage to where her mother was slain but doesn't this paper have an editor?

[link to www.newstimes.com]

"I'd never been to the school before, ever. I just never went, which is a huge source of guilt for me. I can't tell you how many times my mom asked me to bring the kids. I was definitely thinking about that."

Ever? So that means this is the first time ever? Okay then why later in the story do you say this

"It was quiet (as we drove up to the school from the firehouse). It was just me and George and Bella in the car. There was all sorts of chain-link fencing with barbed wire that hadn't been there before. Everything that wasn't brick was boarded up. There were no other cars in the parking lot. It looked more like an abandoned prison than a school."

So the chain-link fence with barbed wire that had not been there before. Really. Interesting.

Everything that wasn't brick was boarded up. Huh. So how did you get in? Let's see

" We went inside. We went through the doors into the lobby."

Oh the doors that are boarded up? Okay I am sure everyone on this forum knows the entire front of the school is boarded up right? But I guess she went through the doors into the lobby.

"She (the detective) pointed to where the office was and ... we turned and went down the hall to the left. They had built walls where there had been none before. They had built walls to block off each side of the hallway, the crime scene. I was just trying to take everything in. What I had pictured isn't what it was."

So you went through the front doors. I guess the detective and the officer removed the boards? But the doors were still in tact?

Just thoughts I had while reading this article. Maybe she did go. Read the article yourself and tell me what you think.
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