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Message Subject Treasure trove of Masonic Art and 2013 calendar!
Poster Handle Baby Shey
Post Content
Is it just me or is the fact that there's a plane there a little fucking creepy?
 Quoting: matt 42873184

YES!!! Not only that, but look at all his other paintings! You will see the number 214 everywhere! Look at the dice, they all say 214 (or it could also be read as 412/124). Also, look at the one of the people in the water, 4 marching people, 1 boat, 2 buildings. I've been breaking this stuff down over a year now. Flight 214 was something I was waiting on to confirm that TPTB use Strong's Lexicon to speak to one another. Flight 214 means: cry out to God. What was the man doing in the video when he saw that plane crash? He was crying out of God (saying, Lord, oh my god, have mercy). That whole flight with all the numbers (passengers, survivors, etc) can be decoded using Strong's Greek Lexicon. I have a few blogs about this, showing that it is correct. I don't often share because people think I'm nuts...but I fit right in on GLP :)
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