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Message Subject Treasure trove of Masonic Art and 2013 calendar!
Poster Handle Baby Shey
Post Content
This is how I use the Strong's lexicon...

The piano, my favorite part. A regular Piano has 88 keys…52 white and 36 black. This “piano” only has 71 keys, not even enough to qualify as a keyboard. Why? because in it contains a hidden message. There are 29 black keys and 42 white. Hebrew Strong 29 is: “Yah is my Father.” Greek Strong 29: Sent on an errand/compelled. Hebrew strong 42 is: Father of Barak, “my father is my delight”. Greek Strong’s 42 is: Holiness, especially of the Holy Spirit preparing believers for eternity.

Now look at the clock. It says 9:13. 913 in Greek Strongs is: Barak... check it out. [link to biblesuite.com]
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