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Message Subject Treasure trove of Masonic Art and 2013 calendar!
Poster Handle Baby Shey
Post Content
The history of this hotel is a bizarre one. You can find it all on that website I first posted, by going to their home link. A pair of twin boys was adopted and lived there. They are shown everywhere. The Masonic Brotherhood loves the twin symbolism.

If I am reading this painting right, it seems like we are in for some bad stuff this month (July). She is holding the cat on the chain. There is a phone which says "68" but has the cord cut....then we have what looks to be ISON coming in November/December. I've stared at this pic for hours over the last month. Notice the nuclear fallout sign on top of the black hat? All very peculiar....

It's worth looking at all the art Mcminnamin's has on that page. Very worth the time if you like a good mystery....
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