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Message Subject Is "illegal" downloading really stealing in God's eyes? Will we be judged for it by God?
Poster Handle fireman2013
Post Content
I guess we just about all know, even atheists, the command "Thou Shall Not Steal".

I'm interested to know how many feel, particularly those that call themselves Christians, whether or not "illegal" downloads, such as downloading music from pirate bay, is really considered stealing in God's eyes, or has satan taken over with his own defintion which he is imposing on the world which goes far beyond what stealing really means?

Since it could be argued that digital downloads are copying rather than stealing, can Christians feel free in Christ to download whatever?

I know of a preacher who guilt trips people into feeling they have stolen, and thereby will be held accountable to God, if they have downloaded "illegally". Is he right or wrong, not about the guilt-tripping obviously, but the technicality of stealing? What is the God's real definition of stealing?
 Quoting: Flight 815

You ask a very intelligent question and I won't disappoint you with it.

The key thing you are looking at here is copywrite laws.
The law goes that if someone writes a song, or someone invented something, that they own it. So they own the intellectual property of the song, or the invention when it's patented ect.

This is actually a man made law.

If I wrote a song and you sang it. Are you really stealing my song and is it morally theft? Not really, I havn't lost anything, I'm still free to sing my song, nothing was stolen because neither did I ultimately come up with it. The inspiration comes from God ultimately.

It is selfish to say that only I can sing a certain song, or only I can hold on to a certain video or invention I made. That is selfish and exploitative.

However, this is not the end of the issue. Because it takes work to create a movie, and it takes intelligence to wrote a song. There is real work time effort passion ect, put into this.

This is where the illusion comes into it. You will notice now how easy it is to copy things, movies, music. It's not a problem. But it's a problem for those that demand to be paid.

But this is the fundamental illusion of money itself. When you do gods work, your not suppose to be doing it for money.
Your not suppose to even be using money for anything!

The saying money is the root of all evil holds true. Money is an illusion and if money is created, it becomes the root of the problem.

The reason you do something is because you want to do it. THAT IS ALL. You don't do it because you think you have to, or because of material benifits. You don't do it because of a bank account. THATS NOT WHY GOD WANTED YOU TO LIVE.

God didn't want you to play money games, or to trade money. If you read in the bible Jesus is against the entire thing.

But the thing is if you have any money in your bank. What then? Who does it really belong to? The answer is whatever money you own, look on the note who it belongs to. The federal reserve, whoever printed it. It's there's not yours.

So then you may ask what shall I do? how shall I live?
Everything revolves around money yeah?

Well this is because everything is evil......
You can't by things, or trade or do anything without it.

It's so bad that you can go into a shopping center and say, I'm starving to death, can I please have some food or I'm going to die.

Guess what.....they won't give you anything.

You call that being human? You call that good? That's what money has done to our society.

So then the question becomes is it wrong to even use money?

At this stage you may have to use it. But you cannot let your life become ruled by it. Only use it as a needed evil in your life.

As soon as you can though, abolish money. Abolish in your life soon as you can. It may take a while to do that because it has a strong hold over everything.

However when the mark of the beast comes in. Your time is up. You will have to either worship satan with the chip, or finally give up money altogether...

So you can either make this a smooth transition, or a rough one. But understand that copy write laws are not Gods laws.

God did not create money.

If you download a pirated movie, the greater sin is the one that created the money system.

The actors have been paid for their acting, it's the crews job to pay for the production of the film. If they don't get their money back because of piracy, they are at fault for expecting money for doing something they should love doing. But the ones that entrapped them into a money system are also have a more heavy burden to share.

The individual who downloaded a movie or sees something online. There is not much sin in it at all, if any.

These days those that make the movie are already aware of the digital situation, if they personally demand money from you give it to them. But if you can avoid it do not download pirated movies.

Because there is those that would seek to capitalize of loopholes and entrap you into paying fines or putting you in prison. The company CNET is an example of this.

Best thing is stay away from anything to do with Evil.
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