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Message Subject Is "illegal" downloading really stealing in God's eyes? Will we be judged for it by God?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I guess we just about all know, even atheists, the command "Thou Shall Not Steal".

I'm interested to know how many feel, particularly those that call themselves Christians, whether or not "illegal" downloads, such as downloading music from pirate bay, is really considered stealing in God's eyes, or has satan taken over with his own defintion which he is imposing on the world which goes far beyond what stealing really means?

Since it could be argued that digital downloads are copying rather than stealing, can Christians feel free in Christ to download whatever?

I know of a preacher who guilt trips people into feeling they have stolen, and thereby will be held accountable to God, if they have downloaded "illegally". Is he right or wrong, not about the guilt-tripping obviously, but the technicality of stealing? What is the God's real definition of stealing?
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