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Message Subject Is "illegal" downloading really stealing in God's eyes? Will we be judged for it by God?
Poster Handle BirdMom
Post Content
Hollywood definitely needs to do something about their business practices, because some of them encourage the very piracy they seek to stop.

Why put region codes on DVDs? I know several American expats who brought their DVD players with them when they moved to Latin America, only to find out that they could not play any new videos bought or rented from the local shops.

Why make people in some parts of the world wait forever to see a movie that was released in the USA months ago? I don't understand why Hollywood execs think it's a good idea to release a movie in the USA in June, then wait until September to release the same movie in some other country. By the time the movie finally comes out elsewhere, it's been ruined for the rest of the world due to all the spoilers posted online by those who have already seen it.

Why refuse to allow those in some countries to view legal, streaming videos of shows and trailers? e.g. Official sites hosting "Doctor Who" videos won't allow people outside the UK to watch them, and there are also sites that stream Hollywood videos, which forbid viewers from outside the USA.

Those are just a few examples off the top of my head. I suppose if I gave it more thought, I could come up with several more.
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