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Message Subject Is "illegal" downloading really stealing in God's eyes? Will we be judged for it by God?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We arent stealing from them, they are stealing from us, music and tv should be mostly free, they can make their money from advertising etc within the movie, almost every movie i see these days has an Apple product conveniently placed to make sure everyone knows its an Apple, and dont tell me they dont pay for that shit.

The artists get stolen from when they sign up to any large corporation, they get like what? 5 cents from every album sale while the label keeps the rest.

Without us there is no them, so they only exist because we are to stupid to realise they are stealing from us, paying ridiculous amounts to go to a cinema or buy a album.

I wonder if back in those religious times and time of jesus if music was sold like this or if copying a certain strum on a guitar got you beheaded or crucified.
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