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Message Subject Is "illegal" downloading really stealing in God's eyes? Will we be judged for it by God?
Poster Handle BirdMom
Post Content
Well barry gave hollywood hundreds of millions..so you,as a taxpayer, deserve your share I would think.
Myself, I don't think there is anything worth downloading these days, legal or not.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2530461

True, the stuff Hollywood's been putting out lately has been increasingly awful.

These days I'd rather just watch my DVDs of older movies and long ago cancelled TV shows.

I'm not a humorless prude or anything like that, but Hollywood's latest trends of lowbrow, toilet humor and beyond gratuitous nudity has gotten to be too much for me.

I've never been a big TV watcher, so the changes are more obvious to me.

Recently, my husband wanted me to watch a new show with him, so I did. It was an hour long show, and the number of sex scenes and scenes with topless women was insane. It's like every 5 minutes there was a bare breast or rear end on the screen. This was not a porno. It was a cable TV show that had a good plot, but for some reason they felt the need to include a lot of unnecessary nudity. I found it distracting, and it was so in-your-face, it made me uncomfortable. I can tolerate the occasional gratuitous sex scene or nudity, but this was ridiculous.

I can't even chalk this up as a one time thing. I've seen a couple of other similar instances. It appears to be a new trend... that and 12-year old toilet humor.

I'm pretty laid back and tolerant. If it's gotten bad enough to upset me, then it's really bad.
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