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Message Subject Is "illegal" downloading really stealing in God's eyes? Will we be judged for it by God?
Poster Handle BirdMom
Post Content
Oh yeah, here's another thing I've noticed.

What ever happened to 2-hour long movies?

They keep making them shorter and shorter. What are they down to now, about 80 to 90 minutes? I've seen TV show pilots longer than that.

I suppose the industry makes more money with shorter movies that don't cost as much to make and can be shown more often each day, but I don't see them charging less money to view them.

I've heard they're showing commercials in theaters these days, movies are 25 percent shorter than they used to be, and the crappy CGI that viewers are subjected to, has to have saved Hollywood a bundle on special effects budgets. They've cut quite a few corners, yet I don't see the price of movie tickets going down.
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