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Message Subject how can i get aliens to come pick me up
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No one wants aliens to pick them up. Besides, they quit doing that years ago. It had to do with union rules or something. They will abduct people though. I don think you want that. They will make you stay awake for days watching nothing but re-runs of Alf. They will also force you to reenact the bad scenes from Alien vs Pretador. You will be made to only eat graham crackers with nothing on them. If you complain, they will lock you in a room with the cast from Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind until you reveal to them the names of all the secrete herbs and spices in our famous chicken. Oh, by the way the only thing they drink is "Tang". Go figure. Also, can you say "probe" ?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43007525


Still you gonna give a try? Ok? Graham crackers and Tang.....Ouch!

Go to a dense forest at the dusk of day with no lanterns, maybe a very tiny one led one battery. Just to know where are stepping on. Get to a clear on the forest, sit down. If you can seat like Indians ( legs crossed, very confortable) from india do it, if not mos confortable way you find. Don't take drugs, electronics (phone, gps, night vision goggles , radios, nothing), check your clothes for any rfid tag it could be left on purpose or by omission. If your I.D. got a rfid left it home, maybe you got one that is past it due date but it's only a photo and text...then you will take it with you. Try to wear a reflectant waist-band or vest to don,t be confused with some animal and shoted....
Wait to the sunset, start to feel the subtle changes in sound, color, and start to look to the stars look at the grandeur of the backbone of the milky way. Look the different kind of bodys ( planets, satellites, stars), and start to do deep breaths , slow enough as to no pass out, visualize as clear as you can your message, preferably with your eyes closed like big words, one at a time . and focus on your breath at the same time. Make clear WHY you want to contact them.AND what you don't want. Try this for the longest time possible...5 mins first day through 30 mins. 5 min increase each day. If at the last day nothing happened select another place. Try to don't think what will you do after, because you will start to emit mixed signals. You're covered by a dome of alumina, barium, and other metals that's makes faint any E.M. Signal as to be picked from 200 miles and above if you live in U.SA. That's why the repetition of the message, every time the same and for a longer time, it's imprtant. Down here with 5 minutes, 2 or 3 days you will have something....First day I made it....only blue lights at a high altitude. Then something happenned on the second day, something very similar to a spolight ray, it was something different, with a full spectrum...pristine white but warm in both senses, the night was cold as hell but i was warm on the light, and warm on the heart ...as a feeling. A brief sense of being scanned very rapidly, searching for hidden intentions, and a brief message on my head in the form of thoughts-images-sensations' something that brings along peace. At the third day, something happened that got to keep to myself....I only told you this... If you see something like a triangle from 100 to 1000 feets wide black, triangular, with a faint amber to white light on every corner and a huge white ball in the middle...that's human made, by the US and probably if you gets directly under that white spot, you will be badly burned by betta and gamma emitions, plus the flight pattern it's still "humanish", you wil see that it's at height of the trees. And if you fast forward the recording of a f-16 , 18 or 22 you will recognize the flight pattern . IF you SEE one of this or start feeling from nowhere static electricity...GET the hell outta dodge..... There is no fallen angels...those fallen angel look eerily similar to the people of beta-Draconis., and are all on earth, not flying the othe vessels. Try to remember to be clear that you don't want to be abducted nor subject to med. experiments. And please try to state that you want to contact people of the tri-star system , the image i use it's two stars (one yellow and one red, self orbiting)and a dwarf red orbiting the others two. If they reach you, believe-me, you will have something pleasant to tell to your grand-childrens some day....Also if they follow the three day pattern that we tried at "La Aurora" for some years now even with people from the the militay of " Comisión Receptora e Investigadora de Denuncias de Objetos Voladores No Identificados" (C.R.I.D.O.V.N.I. ) which was the first inSouth America 32 years ago..and already declassified all its material, it's on their web page)... you will have somethig to add after the second contact, which is basically the human designation of the aforementioned tri-star , if they are for real, and even if you accept to go under their conditions...write it here so I can know they are the real mccoy....humans and jokers grey don't know what is it!

Peace and Godspeed! whatever your choice!
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