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Message Subject The Australian Illuminati Has Been Made An Offer It Cannot Refuse.
Poster Handle The Seer
Post Content
I can advise that I took some time to reconsider the Galactic Federation's invulnerability recently. The dark thought I was backing down, too much stress caused by them.

But ... no ... I was thinking. About the time I went to Baphomet's planet, to get some of Rapphael's soul back for him, from the creature's lair.

I knew that Rapphy had been tricked into coming close that time, and then crashing and lying there for centuries. It had been a trap, and was enacted.

I had noticed that the mountains on the planet were purple. I saw recently that Arcturus has amethyst cliffs. The former didn't sound as spectacular as the second, but was food for thought.

The Arcturians control the program? So where did that leave us, if they weren't being honest with us.

I do now think that they are, being honest with us. It was someone else who created the planet with the purple mountains. A base to work from, and hide out in.

I saw the same mountains in a drawing that Jan once made. That is the planet that was destroyed last night. No lair to run back to guys, as we said.

No dark worm in the program now, without that fake world where it should not be. Glitch debugged.

Now, where you gonna run to next?
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