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Message Subject The Australian Illuminati Has Been Made An Offer It Cannot Refuse.
Poster Handle Serpo
Post Content
here read this

its an answer too the chilli bus driver attack

Hes off the bus is moving again hahaha ,

ah this is life ,it happens we move on,

there are desperate people out there but I also know who is to blame ,

and those people where not in the bus.

this guy just comes straight onto the bus and didnt even look to see who was sitting next to the driver ...WTF......what an idiot , everyone in the back of the bus where too scared too do anything.

This is the whole point , this video is it , we can sit by and watch them rob us blind forever ,right before our very eyes , if we sit and stare straight ahead and ignore it ,its only going to get worse.

And lets face it would life be worth living if we did nothing, not really and this is why this guy did something , because this was out rages behavior right out there in your face. He did the right thing.When doing the "right thing" we just act and thats it.

We are preconceiving our world too much , we must be united ,all of us together ,it is us or them .It has come to this now today , it is at that stage.

Stand up for what is right ,

be angry ,

know you are in the right when it comes to the dark establishment

because it is the elephant in the room , hard to miss

it is also a massive subject so it takes a lot of understanding to see it all.

They have split us into groups ,black, white,this people or that and we believe them and have fallen for it.

i see it here but I blame no one for that.

you see i grew up in NZ and have never actually learnt to be racist in any way at all.

in NZ you have to play rugby against Maori kids and we learn respect for other peoples on the rugby ground they where bigger than the white kids but where soft at a certain age.

i mean they puffed up more than pakeha(white people) around early teens and we found they could be easily tackled , its just that some where not like that and they often helped you win games those guys.

We mixed we integrated and that is the way I was brought up and have lived by it ever since, it is one of the blessings from growing up in NZ ,it is beautiful in many ways.

If i went too America I would say i would be shocked by the racism there .

too whatever your answers that you may think up ,just remember what i would see in America is that divisions have been created because of the power structure and fear.

Believe me ,some people can terrify you ,it is structured that way.

i grew up in an environment that wasnt like that really

pakeha got enriched by Maori and vs versa...............

In the end we all basically love each other through comrade ship ect.

There is a mutual understanding and we basically treat everyone in the world too varying degrees like this.

In Australia i was meant to laugh at Racist jokes or the hatred to wards the Aborigines but it was difficult.

Now ,I see we are all part of a human race ,one thing one being or the collective consciousness , the dark people are trying to destroy our light . Its that simple

THIS IS WHY IM SAying we all must /have to stick together black or white , it truly is this way now,especially now.

this is about our own survival

by degrading others we degrade ourselves

i saw something today ,,,,,they have the graves built and ready to bury people ....

the dark people

They are a dark ,malignant mass pf putrid ,foul smelling ,odorous stench that is fouling up our very heaven.

For those people who would like to go to heaven but sit by and see the world we live destroyed before our very eyes.

and what sort of heaven is that ...a foul smelling one ....no it is now ,this is it act on the side of righteousness.

we are all to blame

No , we are immortal we do live forever as eternity is always with us.

So why fear even death

when if our world becomes so sickened it will be worthless even heaven will not be worth it

why i love the world more than myself.

the battle for our immortal soul is on and it is now

Live from our hearts as it really is a battle for the hearts and minds...........OURS

By arguing about senseless things is senseless , always look at the big picture.


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