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Message Subject The Australian Illuminati Has Been Made An Offer It Cannot Refuse.
Poster Handle Kennie
Post Content

Old news bro, on or about 20 Dec 2012, three time lines were established and set in motion near Nowra NSW. This power point is a conjunction of "song lines" that are interdimensionally congruent and extend throughout all creation. Two of the time lines are definitve and one is transitional. After eons of time Earth Mother, the birth mother for all souls in this creation, reconnected to the Galactic Creator. This reconnections has allowed fractured and broken souls to return home via one of the three time lines.

It is time to go/come home brothers and sister your journey into darkness and despair with the earth mother has come to an end. Nothing can stop this, we all stand at the dawn of a new tomorrow, the Morning Star Ceremony, the cycles of souls reincarntations and rebirth is now complete, this is the final dance.

catchya on the road swagman you have all you need in your bag of nothing
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