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Message Subject 9/11 and the repeated 7's hidden in Plain Sight in San Francisco Plane Crash???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There have been threads about the odd 7's surrounding this plane crash but there is a subtle 9/11 hidden in plain sight, so here it goes....

The flight wing had a number HL 7742.
Divide 7742 by 7 you get 1106.
Turn this number clockwise and you get 9011.
We could make the 0 represent a dash and we end up with 9-11.

I dont think its a coincidence that we can arrive at this number (9/11) that easily....
 Quoting: Ohwell

Why stop there? Add the 2nd and 4th digits of 7742 together, then add the 1st and 3rd digits together and what do you get?

We NWO numerologists spend a lot of time devising these things and I am hurt that you did not see the beauty of my labor.

Now you should be able to figure out the HL part yourself.

 Quoting: The Clowns 30400765

you are a shill even if you are on auto pilot from the all of the childhood abuse
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