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Message Subject 9/11 and the repeated 7's hidden in Plain Sight in San Francisco Plane Crash???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I was thinking how ironic this crash in SF is when put along side of the 9/11 planes. The pilot yesterday had many hours of training in commercial jets, but from what I understand, this particular plane was somewhat new to him. So even with all his commercial jet flight knowledge, he still screwed up and could not land the plane in good conditions and a clearly seen runway.

Now....to believe the 9/11 official story, you had 3 commercial aircraft highjacked by individuals who had NEVER stepped foot inside a jet cockpit, let alone flew one, yet precisely hit 3 targets with bullseye accuracy, and no need for a second or third, or fourth, etc, attempts. The pilot yesterday would have loved the option of a second attempt. But what was made very clear from that crash, jet airliners DO NOT turn, or handle on a dime. In many cases the pilot has no choice but to proceed once he commits to a flight path. You might argue that the two planes hitting the trade centers were just shit lucky,,,,but there is NO WAY an inexperienced pilot, let alone someone that has never flown a jet, could have ever done what they said at the Pentagon....EVER. Not to mention, why did they ignore the center of the Pentagon where the most damage would be done, as opposed to hitting the area under construction, thereby minimizing all destruction??

Point is, yesterday showed how difficult flying a jet airliner can be, even with an experienced pilot. No way in hell guys with no experience could overtake a cockpit and fly surgical strikes,,,especially thinking that at any moment they'll be surrounded by F-16 interceptors!!

The equivalent would be putting a teenage driver behind the wheel of an 18 wheeler and expecting them to navigate roads, highways, and finally park it, with only training from a video game on Xbox!!! Ummmm, yeah....... Keep believing the official 9/11 fairy tale all you sheep out there!
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