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Message Subject 9/11 and the repeated 7's hidden in Plain Sight in San Francisco Plane Crash???
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I posted this in another thread, but, I am not above copy/paste.


7 Eleven is a popular, successful, and very widespread business. Almost everywhere you go, there is a 7 Eleven, even in the movies, and on television. It is somewhere, that, for many, is an everyday part of their lives, even people who write movies, and television shows.

It is also fun to say because it rhymes.

Ever play craps?

I know I will not be able to change a mind bent on doom and delusion. In fact, I dont think I have ever changed the minds of anyone, ever, on GLP. Granted, I have encountered people who already have the same thoughts and beliefs, but, never once have I ever seen anyone at this website, who had a deluded or fanatical attitude, say, "ya know what, you might be right, I just might be over thinking this."

Ya, that'll be the day that DOOM FINDS US!!!
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