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Message Subject So Aliens gave the NAZIS technology, which went to America, and then to China.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Replace 'Aliens' with 'Tesla Tech', Op, and you've got it.

Here goes. Nazis got the research and tech from Tesla, which we were already working on but we were way behind the Germans. After WW2, we went in and imported the entire German security apparatus under Paperclip. That became the NSA. We took all the Nazi research, tech, files and most of the high level German scientists. Werner Von Braun anybody? Later we tested the tech in New Mexico which was a spectacular failure, and they used the whole Roswell Alien thing as a cover. They still use it to this day.

Whew. /Tinfoil Hat off
 Quoting: BioReaper

look up book, spear of destiny. talks about historical evidence involving Hitler and Steiner and walk ins. also, research madam B. channeling info for Edison and others, just like long haired empaths did before Hitler arrived, telling industrialists to support his arrival.
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