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Message Subject Our Alien Creators and this world...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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On Dec. 30th 1983 the Washington Post ran an article saying that A heavenly body possibly as large as the giant planet Jupiter and so close to Earth that it would be part of this solar system has been found in the direction on the Western edge of the constellation Orion by an orbiting telescope aboard the U.S. infrared astronomical satellite (IRAS). Well you know that BLOCKED-OUT area in Google Sky & MS WW telescope with the coordinates of: 5h 53m 41s,-6 00 58 Take a guess where those point to? YEP the western edge of Orion. This is where the planet's of our creators resides & The world governments are afraid to let people know that what we've been taught in schools regarding history & religion is nothing but a lie. The government’s fear of mass panic, rioting, looting & loss of power are the main factors we've been shielded from the true. The mass deception that the government along with organized religion have painted us with for so long is about to be revealed. We are not the highest and most advanced people in the universe and the past is repeating itself. Sumerian records & even the Bible say Nibiru will approach from the Southern Sky - “THE LORD FROM THE SOUTH SHALL COME” (Habakkuk chapter 2) & “ALONE HE STRETCHES OUT THE HEAVENS; HE ARRIVES AT THE GREAT BEAR, SIRIUS AND ORION AND THE CONSTELLATIONS TO THE SOUTH” (The book of JOB chapter 9. CONNECT THE DOTS = We invade ancient Babylon (Iraq) & head straight to the artifacts, alien technology and Ziggurat). We get rid of the Egyptian president & loot records, artifacts & alien technology & as of now the discovery of a 5,000yr old UFO/Virmana that belonged to Zoroaster according the cave writtings in it's Afganistan resting place. All the sites that the Sumerians spoke about as being places the GODS lived. READ ZECHARIAH SITCHINS 12th planet & the dots will connect themselves. The moon is an artificial satellite used as a way station for the Anunakki's earth missions and still holds many secrets and living on the dark side and inside of it's Tungsten & Titanium shell. The Vatican has spent MILLIONS on an Infra-red telescopes with a light gathering device that they've named "Lucifer". Yep LUCIFER... [link to asacredmemory.com] The MILLIONS spent on the US governments South Pole InfraRed gov. telescope. Look at all the Middle East places we've invaded in anticipation of finding alien tech left behind by our creators. Zechariah Sitchin who translated the Sumerian texts detailing Nibiru that were recorded 6000yrs ago about the Gods from this planet who created us from a mixture of DNA was actually awarded a lifetime award from a Vatican official for his work on the Sumerians & their beliefs.. Why would they agree? Unless they already knew the truth was coming back & they've spent millions on a telescope to see it!..

Many whom have attempted to come forward with the truth have met untimely death from accidents or manufactured Cancers. The powers that control this planet will do anything and everything to keep the power in thier balance and reality of cold fusion and free energy will never see the light of day as long as the people controlling oil, gas and electric maintain control. We are being bombarded with diversions from what's going on and thrown off any shred of reality thru manufactured media stories.. Wake up, look up and stand up.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 43102486

NO religion is tougt in schools. You think U got it all figured out? U don't even have a clue. U are decived.period..
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