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Message Subject Obama ORDERS "If you see something,say something" AMONG FEDERAL COLLEAGUES to prohibit WHISTLE BLOWERS....this shit could undo do him
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ahh ok. Then I guess if you want Obama out, the best person for the Job, that I suggest is : Political Bureau Khaled Mashal, or Assad. there you have it. Everyone will be come muslims. How about Dmitri Mdvedev, or Putin for president of USA. or I know, Qingping or whatever that chinese dude president is.

Any way, leaking information about hidden political agendas is dangerous for US.

Although, it's this reason why USA is using monitorization:

1. Terrorism in Arabia cause they are fanatics about their religion. Infidels for the kill. Reason is : Be like us or else.
2. Rogue countries that have left-wing dictator like provocation towards USA (Commies > NK, China, Russia) - be like us or else
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