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Message Subject Obama ORDERS "If you see something,say something" AMONG FEDERAL COLLEAGUES to prohibit WHISTLE BLOWERS....this shit could undo do him
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Folks, at the USPS, we've had posters with the "if you see something..." slogan for several years now... they actually were released by the OIG [Office of the Inspector General] but I suspect DHS was behind them.

I happen to be a whistleblower and have exposed corruption and criminal activity in my local P.O. several times. The federal government has had a so-called "Whistleblower Act" on the bokos now for many years which specifically PREVENTS the federal government from seeking retribution for anyone exposing misuese of authority, wasting of governmental resources, etc. That supposed to be our built-in protection... so I always wonder how the feds can go after someone who lifts the rock on their fellow Cockroaches?

POINT OF FACT: when I reported a postal supervisor and proved them guilty of criminal activity, I was the one who was suddenly the guilty party. This is SOP whenever you walk this type of pathway... you ALWAYS have to be prepared to defend your OWN actions and document them. Luckily I learned that early-on and keep copies of everything I submit. They HATE that! But, it's the only way to beat them at their own rotten game. But: I've also had two of my exposures quickly swept under the local rug, even though I could prove my claims in writing... trust me: the Old Boy network is ALIVE & WELL at the USPS.

Incidentally: that USPS Supervisor I nailed? She got off with a two month penalty of Administrative Leave without pay [unheard to go beyond two weeks... normally: immediate firing] so I figured she must've been pretty well-connected.

Turned out I was correct: currently, this crook is now the POSTMASTER of a small nearby town.
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