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Message Subject Obama ORDERS "If you see something,say something" AMONG FEDERAL COLLEAGUES to prohibit WHISTLE BLOWERS....this shit could undo do him
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm glad some of you see the irony. I saw this and thought it was hilarious. Can't wait to see how this shit plays out.

Is your rival about to get that promotion to supervisor you always wanted? Well just report his ass and you'll never have to worry about him again.

Reminds me of this YouTube video where a guy was talking about the atmosphere in germany leading up to the war where people would falsely accuse others of shit for personal reasons. Apparently even Hitler was sickened by how many people were using the snitching system for petty personal reasons.
Reminds me of how when kids are mad at each other they go tell on each other.

I know this is suppose to be scary and it is but some part of me wants to laugh.
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