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Message Subject UFO Observes Traffic Over Toll Plaza on July 5th
Poster Handle Halo2Alexis™
Post Content
WOW! Great find!

I saw something eerily similar on Sunday evening. We were coming back from Tampa from staying at Doubletree, and were heading on 60 to go across Courtney Campbell, probably around 10:30 pm. Right when we made it to the airport region, we both saw a super bright red light in the sky - not over towards the water, but over the airport's side - and at first we thought it was a plane. My camera has crap for pictures so that wasn't happening, but my boyfriend slowed the car down a bit thinking "oh cool, plane going right overhead", but no. It was a cross between a huge red flare coming down in the sky, or a meteor? It kind of floated downward really slowly, which made me think flare or a leftover firework, but then it hovered for about 30-45 seconds over a billboard, and by the time we got near it just dissipated. No smoke trail or sign anything was even there. Weirdest thing i've seen in a long while. He thought it was a chinese lantern at first, but it was such a solid bright red color and consistency, there was no way. They don't burn that bright a red color, and not for that long a time period.
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