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Message Subject UFO Observes Traffic Over Toll Plaza on July 5th
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

I'd be more than happy to upload the unedited version. In that shot I used final cut to freeze frame the video because that's the closest and clearest shot of the object.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27996207

OP, I'm going to share something with you because you and everyone else needs to know.

As you know, there have been many sightings around Florida as well as many other states through the years, but near Florida there have been quite a bit more, especially near Gulf Breeze , right?

Well... some of these are legit extraterrestrial craft.

Many years ago one of these legit craft were taken down. The craft was benevolent and their tech was ran on a perpetual energy source. The engine actually created its own power source and was alive. Yes, ALIVE.

The craft's engine and entire ship was conscious and communicated with the pilots. There was no need to steer, it knew what to do through the pilot's thought. The power that it used is called "Symbiotic energy".

Now here comes the weird part that may help explain the ramp up in sightings around Florida.

There's a company that is located right there in Gulf Breeze that happens to be working on none other than "Symbiotic energy" , Yes, the same tech that some of the true extraterrestrial ships use.

I don't expect you to believe what I say here, but I assure you, it is true. I know.

Here's the company that is working on the similar tech.
[link to www.algastar.com]

Maybe you did see one, I was just thrown off by the editing and processing in your video. Keep your eyes on the sky, they're here.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25374084

Hmm, I'm not to familiar with the UFO sittings around the Gulf Breeze, but it sounds interesting. Iím also not sure what type of technology this ship was using in my video and I don't see any images of Symbiotic Energy on the website you listed.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27996207

That company seems to keep a low profile. You won't find them showing you pics of the tech. If you study it, you'll find out how it works.

I believe ^^ visitors ^^ are keeping an eye on that company due to where they got the ideas and knowledge from.

Also, you'll notice their company name "ALGASTAR". Does algae come from space, then why put the word star with it?

They know where the original knowledge of the tech comes from.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25374084

That's is very interesting with the name. I'll have to look deeper into it. I wish I could get a pin on this post!
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